Local Benefits

A New Clean Industry for the Region

Construction of offshore wind farms means more opportunities for locals as supply chains need to be set up to set for the development, construction, and operations stages of the project. This will result in new business opportunities for local contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers. Training programs for skilled workers and the creation of new apprenticeships will also provide upskilling opportunities for the region’s workforce.

Clean Electricity for Homes and Businesses

The project will generate large scale clean energy for industry, homes, and businesses in the local region. This energy will make a substantial contribution to the fight against climate change and is needed to replace ageing coal-fired power plants as they retire over the coming decades.

Replacement of fossil fuel generators with large capacity renewables will be needed to meet the Federal Government’s current 43% emissions reduction target. Offshore wind projects are one of the best options to help meet this target because of the scale of clean energy capacity that will be required, at locations close to load network infrastructure.

Having access to more sources of clean renewable energy also means more options for companies making products in the region to reduce embedded carbon emissions. This benefits local industry, by providing the opportunity to access a wider range of clean industry investment sources.

Billions of Dollars of Direct Investment

It is anticipated that over a billion of dollars of investment would be required in the region over the life of the Cape Winds Offshore Wind Farm . This investment is expected to create economic flow on effects that strengthen the economy of the region over the life of the project.

Hundreds of New Jobs

During construction many hundreds of direct jobs will be created, as well as hundreds more indirect jobs supporting the project. This is in addition to the hundreds of permanent roles that will need to be created to operate and maintain the wind farm over the coming decades.